Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Hub pubs in Yokohama

After years of steering clear of the Yokohama Station area, a spacious Hub Pub recently opened up with an outdoor seating patio just minutes from the Yokohama station. Another Hub is planned to open next month a little more into the heart of Yokohama drinking and eating area, which is only a few minutes further in a different direction.

The location of the second Hub pub will surely give the old standby English pub in Yokohama "The Tavern" a run for its money, since that one will open up around the block from it. Another English pub in that area "Green Sheep" will probably see a drop in customers as well, but I think the Tavern will probably struggle to keep customers much less attract new ones. My opinion for this is because the Tavern and Hub pubs are both socially "open" establishments with standing areas and tight spaces making them somewhat of a pickup scene. With the Hub being more of a well known and popular chain establishment, it may pull a good chunk of their business from the Tavern. However, the Green Sheep, unlike the Hub and Tavern, often features live music and has more table seating which gives it more of restaurant feel and attracts a different crowd.

With all these drinking options Yokohama is becoming a better place to go and party. I recently stopped by the new Hub on a Friday night and the place was jam packed, which has been hard to say for the other English bars in the area.

On a similar note the posh W Hotel with their stylish W bar will open a hotel in Yokohama in the next few years, which should bump up the party scene a notch above the usual pub and izakaya scene.

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Blogger yaromir said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tavern is shite. The staff is rude and the manager is a p#$ck. I have stopped going there in favor of The Hub.

March 26, 2012 at 4:19 PM  

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